If you are thinking about adding window tinting to your commercial building, there are many options that you can consider. As you are aware of the benefits of Car Window tinting Melbourne for businesses, choosing the right commercial glass tinting will go a long way in protecting your expensive interior decor from harmful UV rays, and give your space a top-class look. On top of all, commercial window tinting helps in lowering your utility bills, which makes it another valid reason to have your windows tinted. When it comes to commercial window tinting, there are different types of window tints available in the market; and we help you decide which is right for your business. Let’s get started.

Window Tinting

Textured Window Tints

Textured window tints offer privacy and once applied, it looks more like etched glass. It is an aesthetic addition to your glass windows, blurs the person view into your room, allows plenty of natural light to pass through. It keeps the temperature consistent and helps in conserving energy. That is why it is great for commercial spaces as it promotes a bright and refreshing environment for employees.

Patterned Window Tints

You can add a touch of elegance and style to your space pattern window tints. Geographic patterns can be extremely versatile where you can choose from a wide range of styles like polka dots, leaves, flowers and everything in between.

Window Tints With Gradients

Gradient window tints come with simple patterns and soft transitions from transparent to opaque, it is the best way to preserve the natural light to pass through and control heat and light glare in your commercial space. It offers supreme privacy and versatile look; business owners are now installing this tint on all their window exteriors and glass-walled doors.

Bottom Line

As you have read the different types of window tint available for commercial buildings, it’s time to decide which suits you the best. Each business is unique. To know what’s best for your business, let SupaTint aid you in selecting the right tint for your space. For more details, call us on 0411 450 424.