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Are you looking for long-lasting protection for your car windows? Car window tints can be the ultimate solution to guard your car windows, add privacy, and block harmful UV rays, heat, and light glare. If you’re a first-timer to know about window tints, you might wonder about their durability and how long do they last? Well, a standard car window tint lasts up to five years on average.  However, a lot of factors can affect the durability of your window tint & you must always consult with a car window tinting professional before you tint your windows.

Quality Of The Window Tint

Window tints are available in varied styles, durability, and rates. Even climate-friendly window tints are durable and protect your windows like a shield from harsh weather conditions. The higher the grade, the longer its lifespan. If you want to make a good investment, invest in high-quality window tints that have a longer life span.


Professional installations of window tints are always the best. They know what it takes to achieve a clean, thin, and matte finish. However, if the installation is poor, it will impact the window tints, reducing their life span and making them appear bad. Go to a professional window tint installer to install car window tints for you. They will perfectly install them and ensure everything looks fine.

Exposure To Sun

When your window tints are often exposed to direct sun or heat, they will tend to lose their potential, and eventually, degrade over time. If the window tint quality is low, they are more susceptible to damage from sun exposure, heat, and light rays. This is why you must always park the car in shade & must only install high-quality tints to protect your car.


Frequent cleaning of the windows and using glass-friendly cleaning solutions can keep your window tint stay new and polished. However, before you plan to clean the window taunt, always check with the window tint installers for recommended cleaning solution and then do it accordingly.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of your window tint, clean and maintain them from time to time. On top of all, get car window tints installed by professionals from Supatint. For appointments, call 0411 450 424 today.