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When it comes to enhancing the look of your vehicle, while also reducing heat and glare, car window tinting is a great solution. But with so many different car window tints available, it can be hard to determine which is best for your vehicle.  There is a wide range of car window tints available at best price. It can be confusing with many window tinting installers available. However, you want a window tint that meets your needs and is within your budget. Without further ado, let’s get to know.

Types of Car Window Tints

There are several different types of car window tints available, including:

  • Dyed Film – This is the most affordable type of window tint, but it can fade and discolor over time.
  • Metallic Film – This type of window tint is more expensive than dyed film but provides better heat reduction. However, it may interfere with electronic signals, such as those used by GPS and cell phones.
  • Carbon Film – This type of window tint is more expensive than dyed film but is more durable and long-lasting.
  • Ceramic Film – This is the most expensive type of window tint, but it provides the best heat reduction and is also the most durable.


If you’re looking for an affordable option, the dyed film is the way to go. However, it may not last as long as other types of window tints. A metallic film is a step up in price, but it provides better heat reduction than dyed film. Carbon films and ceramic films are the most expensive options but are also the most durable and long-lasting.


The durability of your car window tint will depend on several factors, including the quality of the tint and how well it was installed. Dyed film is the least durable option, while ceramic film is the most durable and long-lasting. Carbon film falls in the middle in terms of durability.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the style of window tint you choose. Some tints may be too dark for your taste, while others may not provide enough privacy. Metallic and carbon films tend to have a more reflective appearance but dyed and ceramic films have a more matte finish.

If you want the best window tint for your vehicle, Supatint can help. We offer a range of high-quality window tints, including ceramic and carbon film, to suit any budget and style. Our expert installation team ensures that your window tint is applied correctly and will last for years

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