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Just like sun exposure harms the human skin, excessive UV exposure can damage your car’s interior. If you have kept your vehicle under the sun for a long period, the temperature will rise, and it causes the car’s upholstery to fade quickly. If it’s a leather upholstery, excessive heat makes it stiff and crack. Whether you’re living in a hot temperature region or just want to protect the car’s curb appeal, installing a car window tint can go a long way in protecting your investment. As car window tinting Melbourne is known to block UV rays from the sun, it greatly helps in preventing your car’s exterior and enhances the look. Here, in this blog, we’re going to look at the damages that UV exposure can do to your car’s interior. Let’s see them in detail.

Fading Of Dashboard

UV radiation and the excessive heat can severely damage your dashboard. Repairing your car’s dashboard can be expensive to fix or replace, and this is why getting a PPF (paint protection film) for your car becomes a necessity. It leaves a sparkling and fresh new-look to your car and greatly helps in protecting the appeal. Also, when the dashboard gets heated, it starts to split and leave cracks.

Discolouration & Cracks In Upholstery

Whether it’s fabric upholstery or leather upholstery, it cannot withstand excessive heat and it causes the leather to strip off and crack. If it’s fabric upholstery, it starts to fade, which further leads to discolouration. This is why it’s important to install car window tints to prevent your upholstery from UV exposure and hot sun.

Damage Of Electrical Components

Your car’s electrical components are prone to damage if left exposed to UV rays over a period. These include your radio, navigation system, and the other electrical connections under the dashboard or even on the floor of the vehicle. When the heat travels to the car’s electrical system, it can easily malfunction and will put you in costly repairs. Such damage can be prevented by tinting the windows and blocking the harmful UV rays

Bottom Line

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