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Car Window Tinting Bundoora

ant to upgrade your car’s look? Our professional car window tinting in Bundoora is a great choice to go for. Supa Tint’s car window tinting service gives your car a sleek look, so that you can drive in style and comfort with extra protection. As experts in car window tinting, we have been helping customers in Bundoora, nearby suburbs and across Melbourne

We have a team of licensed window tinting professionals who professionally install the film for you. With a strong focus on quality and superior look, we install the imported car window films, which would elevate the look of your car and provide you with multiple useful amenities. If you’re confused about the choices, leave it to us, we help you make the right choice.

Car Window Tinting

How Could You Benefit From Our Window Tinting?

  • Our car window tints provide high-class privacy to the passengers. Increased privacy minimises the risk of thefts as well as prevent the prying eyes from seeing the valuables inside your car. In addition, it also provides added safety from the thieves even if your vehicle stays in the parking lot for a long time.
  • Tinting prevents 99% of UV rays from entering the car and damaging your skin. In addition, it also prevents the fading, cracking and warping of your vehicle’s interior by blocking the UV rays from getting into the car.
  • Car window tinting Meadow Heights not only adds to the luxury of your vehicle, but also provides shattered glass protection in the event of car accidents. Without the tinting film, the glass gets shattered and the broken pieces can harm the occupants, so it is really worthwhile to invest in window tinting.
  • Window tinting can reduce the heat to about 70% and keep the car cool inside. Whenever you get into the car, you may feel extra comfy, especially during the scorching summer days
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