Car Window Tinting Fawkner

Car Window TintingLooking for a car window tinting in Fawkner? Supatint has been providing car window tinting services for customers in Fawkner and its surrounding suburbs. We specialise in car window tinting and provide the best window film for your vehicle. Our team of window tinting professionals will suggest the right type of car window film that matches the colour and tone of your vehicle.

 When you come to us, we will treat your car like ours. Your car will be taken to a dust and wind-free space, where we dust the windows with a soft dusting brush. After dusting, we use a mild soapy solution to remove any debris or bird splatter from your windows, and once the surface is dust-free, we will allow it to dry, then we install the imported window film for you.

 With its protective layer, you can be worry-free about the glare reduction, heat control, UV protection, and acts as a protective shield to your glass windows.

 At Supatint, we always recommend the best for you. Our car window films offer the premium look that you expect. When your vehicle is continuously exposed to UV rays, it will be bad for you. Because, the tinted windows will block them right away, and make it look incredibly appealing. 

Our installer will measure your car windows and cut pieces of film from the roll to fit your car window measurements. The film is then cut precisely to fit your windows, and then applied to your car windows. Whether you’re concerned about UV protection or want to reduce the bright glare, heat control, excessive heat, we have the right solution to enhance the comfort of your vehicle. We will professionally install it and ensure that it’s perfect for your vehicle.

 Once you come to us, you will begin to experience the benefits of your car’s tinted windows. If quality and premium look is what you’re looking for, you can trust our tinting professionals at Supatint. Call us on 0411 450 424 today.







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