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Window tints can provide your vehicle with improved sun protection and elegant look. However, the presence of chips, cracks or discolouration can affect the aesthetics and detract the comfort of your gorgeous vehicle.  The longevity of your car window tinting  Melbourne depends mainly on various factors such as quality of the tints and adhesives used, type of cleaners, exposure to excessive sunlight, etc.

Well, all tints undergo wear and tear regardless of their quality, and need replacement eventually. But, how can you tell it is time to replace your car’s window tints? Here are some signs that show you need window tint replacement.

Presence Of Air Bulges & Bubbles:

The presence of huge bubbles and bulges is one of the earliest signs that your car tint is aging. However, low quality tint leads to the formation of bubbles in as just as six months. In order to lower the risk of bubble formation in a concise time, make sure you install high quality tints.

Purpling and Fading:

With the effects of the sun, your car tint starts to fade and lose its original colour over time. So, if you notice any change in colour or the formation of dark and light patches over the surface of the glass, it is advisable to replace your car tints.

Curling & Peeling:

While a newly installed tint lies against the glass surface, it peels away on the edges and corners over time. This leads to screeching sounds when you roll the windows up and down. If your car tint is curling or peeling, the best option is to replace it with a new tint as soon as possible.

Scratches And Scrapes:

Minor scratches only result in unsightly appearance, but bigger scrapes can extend and affect the effectiveness of adhesives between your window tint and auto glass significantly.  That’s why it is essential to get your car window tints replaced as soon as you notice any gouges on it.

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