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Many car owners speculate if tinting their vehicle’s windows can actually keep their car cool. If you are one among them, you will be surprised to know that it actually does. Car window tinting Melbourne not only keeps other drivers from looking inside your car, but also blocks harmful sunrays, lowering the overall temperature of the vehicle. But, how does window tint keep heat out? Read on to know how it actually works.

Car window tint acts as an obstacle between the car’s interior and the sun. The tint film is comprised of polyester. It uses a thin coating of coloured dye and fragmented metals along the top level. The layers of the window tint film block intense sun rays which increase the temperature inside the car.

Window tints are spectrally-selective, so it only allows certain wavelength of radiations to pass through, and blocks the wavelengths that produce heat inside the vehicle. Of course, the illuminating feature of the sun’s rays is retained.

How Much Heat Does Window Tint Block?

Heat rejection capacity varies based on the type, shade and quality of the car tints you choose. Tints also differ between providers, so make sure that you investigate about heat rejection properties before purchasing the window tints for your vehicle.

Get Window Tinting From Supa Tint:

Supa Tint is a leading provider of window tinting services to car owners across Melbourne and the surrounding communities. With a commitment to provide a lasting solution to our customers, we only use sputtered metal window tint films that last longer than the typical dyed window tint films.

Properties Of Our Window Tint Films:

Besides lasting longer, they also reject heat better and provide more optical clarity than the dyed tint films. Our sputtered window films can provide up to 82% solar heat rejection, creating a more comfortable driving experience inside the car. It can also block 99% of UV rays, protecting your vehicle’s interior from fading and your skin from the sun’s harmful effects such as skin cancer and eye problems.

If you have a car and want the windows to be tinted, call Supa Tint on 0411 450 424. With years of experience and knowledge under our belts, our car tinting Melbourne experts will get the job done right the first time.

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