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Every car owner loves to have their car windows tinted and look luxurious. But the problem is that they end up with cheap car window tinting services to save some bucks. Well, if you value your car, investing professional and reliable car tinting service providers like Supatint. Their window tinting prices are affordable, you get the best job done from them. Coming back to car window tinting in Melbourne, you should know the duration of the process and procedure involved, so you can be confident about the results and quality. Let’s tell you what is involved and how long it takes to tint a car in Melbourne.

Type Of Vehicle

Well, the tinting process will entirely depend on the type of vehicle you have.  For medium-sized cars, it may take about 2 hours to finish the tinting process. For a full-sized truck, it might take an hour or so to complete.  If you are only getting your windows tinted, the tinting time will be much quicker. However, make sure you hire professional window tint installers to tint your car.

Dusting And Cleaning

The process begins with cleaning and dusting to ensure the car windows are completely free of dust, dirt, debris, and bird splatter. Then any excess moisture should be wiped and dried to ensure there are no marks or spills left. After that, a soapy solution is used to keep the tint and windows clean.

Cutting And Contouring

Window film is set on the exterior windows to measure and cut based on the dimensions of your window.  Then they contour or tint or film to the vehicle glass using a heat gun. This is to ensure a perfect contour to your windows and help determine the accurate measurement. Through the perfect laser-cut machine, we remove all the extras for a neat finish.

Window Tint Application

Once the tint is accurately contoured to the window, they look at the borders and corners around the film to remove any excess tint. They remove the release liner before the application. As soon as everything gets to set into place, the excess adhesive is wiped neat using a squeegee. Finally, they look for imperfections or quick fixes to achieve a  premium matte finish look.

You can get your vehicle on the same day or even within 3 hours depending upon the tint requirements. Consult with our expert window tint installers from Supatint to tint your car today. For appointments, call 0411 450 424.