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As seasons change, we often want to upgrade the look and feel of our home, wardrobe and skin care products, food, and lifestyle & including our cars as well. When we say cars, you don’t have to splurge your dollars to upgrade their look, car window tinting in Melbourne can do all the magic you need.  If you have already installed car window tints and it’s been some years since you want to change them, you need to know certain factors that make your investment worth it. In today’s blog, let’s find out how often we should need to change our car window tints.

We should replace our car window tints every five years. Because car window tints are almost like car parts, their quality, performance, and shielding come down at a certain point. However, consistent maintenance and installation quality also matter.

Tint Material

The quality of the tinting material plays a role in keeping the window tints If the tint material previously sued is poor or low-grade, it will not last long. Go for a higher-quality car window tint with maximum protection and warranty.


Car window tint shield also reduced its efficiency over time.  It reduces its potency from 99% to 70% in five years. Other factors like a car wash, the climate you live in and external factors might affect the shielding.


When you get your window tints installed by a professional, it means that it’s going to look and function for years. In any case, if you see the window tints start to fade or uneven lines or gaps, or you feel hot even with the tint, or the car window is easily see-through after years, know that you have done a poor window tint job and need to change the tint immediately.

If you’re planning to change your car window tints or are unhappy with the appeal of your car window tints, get the top-notch quality car window tints and professional installation from Supatint. For car window tint installations, call 0411 450 424 today.