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Whether it’s for UV blocking or added luxury, car window tinting provides added privacy and security for your vehicle. However, if you are planning to install or installed already, you must protect your investment. When a car window tint is applied to the glass, it is important to care for it right from the beginning. Otherwise, you end up having streaky and bubbled car tints. Most people make the mistake of not properly following the instructions and worsen its look in a few days. This happens when the mounting solution takes more time to adhere to the windows. Usually, it takes a lot of time in cold weather conditions.

If the weather is hot, the drying time is much less. Usually, the installer will remove most of the mounting liquid from the windows. Only a small amount of the liquid remains and it is the last solution that needs to get dried before you clean your windows. If you start cleaning the windows early, it will look unappealing and streaky.

To clean your tinted windows, you must at least wait for 30 days from the time of the installation. To ensure the right type of cleaning, read the given instructions and follow it accordingly.

Clean Them With Proper Cloth

Firstly, you will need a soft microfiber cloth to clean your car windows. They are tender soft and can trap all the dust and debris from the tinted windows easily. Also, you should not use any brush or squeegee or scrubber, or paper towel to clean your window as it will worsen the tint and leave scratches on the glass.

Protect the car windows from sharp objects

You must keep your car windows away from sharp objects to avoid scratching the window tint. Being a little cautious saves your car windows from unwanted scratches and marks. In case if you notice a little moisture on the tint after the installation, give it some time to dry. The foggy appearance on your window will disappear once the tint is firm.

Seek professional help

If your windows are showing air bubbles or streaks or any other issue after the installation of the tint, you must get it sorted with the window tinting experts. You should try not to fix the issue because that may cause additional issues and will cost you more money.

Over To You

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