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Most car owners in Australia have their car windows tinted for a comfortable ride. However, if you’re a new car owner with no idea about how window tints work, you might feel overwhelmed or hindered by the look of darkened car window tints. You’re not alone! There are various types of window films available in the market, solar car window tints are a new addition to the market that helps  you see what’s in front of you clearly without any hitch. They are also known as crystal-clear car window tinting. So, if you’re a beginner or a cautious driver, installing solar car window tints to your car windows is the best bet.

What Are Solar Tints?

Solar car window tint is more like regular car window tint with a clear shade. It helps block 99% of harmful radiation from the sun and keeps the car cabin cool. It ensures your safety and helps you get a good view of what’s in front without any hindrance. It has also got heat & glare blocking properties. However, before you get them installed, consult with a professional car window tinting service to see if it’s the only suitable option for you.

Why Should You Opt For Solar Tints?

  • Solar car window tints can help lessen the glare by up to 80%, which helps drive safely & confidently.
  • It will help keep your car cooler in summer and help reduce your fuel bills.
  • It also helps block harmful UV rays from the sun, preventing you from serious skin diseases. Aside from that, it keeps the car upholstery looking new & ensures longevity.
  • Solar tints also come with shade protection which helps control light glare, bright lights, or any reflecting during the drive.
  • Accidents are inevitable. Installing solar car window tints not only prevents your glass from shattering. It gives your car windows to endure more damage.
  • It will keep the glass in place by reducing the possibility of potential damage.

Over To You

Your car is an investment & protecting its appeal is a necessity. To ensure you get high-quality car window tints, get professional car window tint installers from Supatint to help you. For more information on the variety of car window tints available or professional installations, call us on 0411 450 424.