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Have you decided to opt for car window tinting Melbourne? If yes, you have made a perfect decision. Window tints can help block UV rays and glare while protecting the visibility of the driver, interior of the car and ensuring the safety of the occupants. In addition, high-quality window tints can add to the strength of the windows, make the car look elegant and reduce the risk of theft.

Window Tinting – An Investment:

Though the benefits of having your car windows tinted are manifold, it does represent an investment because you can expect to pay around $250 to $450 for professional window tinting. Properly installed and cured window tints can last for more than 10 years. Weather is a crucial aspect in achieving the quality of window tint application. So, you should be choosing the right time of the year to improve the tint application process.

Understanding The Tinting Process:

Tinting all the windows of a car can take anywhere between three to four hours. The process begins with thoroughly cleaning the windows inside and out. Then, the film is cut to the precise size of your car’s windows and placed on the window. Using a squeegee, all wrinkles and bubbles are removed to ensure a perfect fit. While this process takes less than a day, curing needs approximately three days in ideal weather conditions.

So, What Is The Right Time To Tint Your Car Windows?

In summer, hot air can help cure the tint faster, but high-humidity makes it difficult for the tint to install. In winter, the cold weather increases the curing time considerably. Spring and autumn are the best times of the year to tint windows. Low humidity levels and mild temperatures during these seasons can help tint adhere to the windows properly.

Who Can Help With Car Window Tinting?

If you are interested in having your window tinted in Melbourne, get in touch with Supa Tint. We only use superior products that last longer than other products available on the market. We use proper installation techniques to ensure that the climatic condition is not an issue. Call us on 0411 450 424 to schedule your car tinting Melbourne installation today.