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Car window tinting is a surefire way to give your car a brand-new-look. It also keeps your car cabin cool, gives you privacy, and protects you from the dangers of UV rays. However, if you find tiny bubbles on the windows, don’t be alarmed! Sometimes, tiny bubbles appear when the tint is not applied properly. We understand that these bubbles are bothersome and ruin your ride’s aesthetics. However, these pesky bubbles disappear when the tint gets stretched and bonded with the glass. The problem arises when these tiny bubbles stay long; you need to check it with a professional window tint installer to have the window tints checked.

So what causes window tints to bubble?

Water Bubbles In Tint

These tiny water-like bubbles appear when you install fresh window tints on your car windows. As water evaporates, they subside and become a clean and flat surface. This usually takes two weeks to go and even faster during summer.

Air/ Soap Bubbles In Tint

If they are air bubbles, they will get smaller and cured in time. However, soap bubbles appear when the window tint installer fails to prep the windows before the application. These bubbles never go away and would require you to re-apply the tints again.

Dirt/ Contamination Bubbles

Dirt bubbles appear when windows are not cleaned or dusted before the tint application. These eventually will get larger and never fade away. So, if you find the bubble is bigger than usual, check it with the window installer for re-application.

The bubbles may appear like blisters, or tiny streaks appear and even seem like shattered glass. So, if you happen to see bubbles on the windows, get help from the window tinting experts from Supatint. For more information about our window tinting solutions, call us at 0411 450 424 today.