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How good is car window tint? Well, it will be more obvious with the subtle and sleek look of your car. Once you have installed a car window tint from a professional, you have taken your first step in protecting the car’s appeal. It does not help block UV rays, but also protects the car furnishings and offers privacy from burglars and prying eyes. However, if the car window tints are poor, nothing can ruin the appeal of a poorly done car window tint job. Car window tints are expected to give your car a sophisticated look and not ruin it. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you the signs of a badly done car window service, so you’ll be careful in choosing the right car window tint installer.

Uneven Lines & Gaps

One of the most common signs of a bad car window tint job is finding uneven lines and gaps in the windows. If it’s installed by a professional window tint installer, it will cover the entire window from one edge to the other edge and the corners should be even. However, if you find gaps or uneven lines know it is a bad tint job.

Tint Turns Purple

If ever you see that your car windows are turning purple and tints are peeling within days after the car window tinting, know that the installer has used a low-quality car window tint. It does not cover or offer any protection against harmful sun rays or heat.

Improper Sticking & bubbles

When you notice that your car windows show a zigzag pattern or small bubbles on the windows. Know that the installer had done a poor job or the adhesive in the tint has gone. So, tiny bubbles might start to appear all over.

Light Glare & Heat

If you still receiving a light glare from other vehicles or your car feels hot all of a sudden, the tint quality is poor & it’s a shoddy tint job by the installer. So be sure to have an eye on these signs and look for professional and reliable window tint installers like Supatint. For exceptional quality car window tints, call Supatint on 0411 450 424 today.