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How To Check If Your Window Tint Is Legal?

Car Window Tinting

When it comes to getting your car windows tinted, installing poor or illegal dark tints can put your safety at risk, and may incur hefty fines for the misuse of applying dark tints to your vehicle. So, how do you know your car window tint is legal? Well, getting your car window tints done by […]

Things You Should Do After Tinting Your Car Windows

Car Window Tinting

Want to make your car look brand-new again? Everyone wants their cars to look sleek and new all the time. Many leave their cars for car washing and detailing to make them look good. Some would also try new makeover stuff like installing removable auto stickers or custom paints. All of these are not durable, […]

How To Spot Badly Done Car Window Tint Job?

Car Window Tinting

How good is car window tint? Well, it will be more obvious with the subtle and sleek look of your car. Once you have installed a car window tint from a professional, you have taken your first step in protecting the car’s appeal. It does not help block UV rays, but also protects the car […]

Window Tints Are Great For Winter – Here’s Why You Should Get It Done?

Car Window Tinting

We all know that window tinting is not only aesthetics, it also has several benefits. Car window tinting in winter can help you have a better driving experience.  For people who think car window tinting is best for summer, we have got some reasons why you must consider window tinting in winter. Window tints provide […]