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Want to make your car look brand-new again? Everyone wants their cars to look sleek and new all the time. Many leave their cars for car washing and detailing to make them look good. Some would also try new makeover stuff like installing removable auto stickers or custom paints. All of these are not durable, reliable, or efficient. Car window tinting is the only best and most cost-effective way to make your car stand out from the rest. Yes! They are built to last and Car tinting is much more than aesthetics.  As summer is now in full swing; your car might have to sit in the sun for prolonged hours under harsh weather conditions.  Without proper protection against harmful UV rays, your car may lose its shine. If you have recently got your car windows tinted, here are some of the things you should follow. Let’s get started.

Wait Till The Bubbles Fade

If you want your tinted car windows to look perfect, you need to be patient with the tiny bubbles that come after the installation.  When the adhesives dry and moisture evaporates, you will have a clean and smooth surface. Considering the climate condition of your area, it may take three or more days. So, keep 4 days at least for the tint to dry.

Skip The Car Wash

Windows tints are applied to the inside of the windows. Dirt or mud won’t be a threat after all. However, car washing might add water or moisture to the windows and may even prolong the drying time.  It’s better to wait until the car window tints dry thoroughly before the car wash.

They Are Not Scratch Proof

Though your tinted car windows claim to be scratch-resistant, they are not scratch-proof. You must avoid poking the interior windows with sharp metals or sports equipment. You have to be more careful while taking off the car seat belt as the seat belt buckle can fly back and chip the window tint.

Also, keep your car windows rolled up until the tint is completely dried.  This way you can keep the newly put window tints protected against any mishaps. If you are looking for car window tinting in Thomastown, Victoria, call Supatint on 0411 450 424 today.