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Things You Should Do After Tinting Your Car Windows

Car Window Tinting

Want to make your car look brand-new again? Everyone wants their cars to look sleek and new all the time. Many leave their cars for car washing and detailing to make them look good. Some would also try new makeover stuff like installing removable auto stickers or custom paints. All of these are not durable, […]

Why Does Your Car Window Tint Bubble? – Find Out!

Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a surefire way to give your car a brand-new-look. It also keeps your car cabin cool, gives you privacy, and protects you from the dangers of UV rays. However, if you find tiny bubbles on the windows, don’t be alarmed! Sometimes, tiny bubbles appear when the tint is not applied properly. […]

Can Window Tints Help Protect Your Car Upholstery?

Car Window Tinting

Yes! It can. If you have invested in a high-end car with luxury interiors, it’s a must to install car window tints to keep up the car’s dark, sleek and sophisticated look.  However, when the car windows are not tinted and you live in a region with extreme temperatures, sun exposure may take a toll […]

Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting & Window Film

Car Window Tinting, Northern Suburbs, Melbourne, Lalor, Reservoir, Craigieburn

When it comes to window tinting there is a question that comes up frequently. Are window tinting and window films the same? Does the window tint go inside or outside? which is best? How does it work? In this blog post, we will steer clear of all the confusion about window tinting and window film […]

How To Reduce Sun Glare In Winter

Car Window Tinting

Car window tint is not just tinting; it’s a shield to protect your car, your car’s upholstery, and your eyes from piercing sunlight glare. Especially during winter, sunlight glare is sharp and causes discomfort to the car drivers. It’s not only annoying to deal with but also a safety concern.  While you can wear sunglasses […]

Should You Opt For A Solar Tint For Your Car?

Car Window Tinting

Most car owners in Australia have their car windows tinted for a comfortable ride. However, if you’re a new car owner with no idea about how window tints work, you might feel overwhelmed or hindered by the look of darkened car window tints. You’re not alone! There are various types of window films available in […]

Are Car Window Tints Long-Lasting?

Car Window Tinting

Are you looking for long-lasting protection for your car windows? Car window tints can be the ultimate solution to guard your car windows, add privacy, and block harmful UV rays, heat, and light glare. If you’re a first-timer to know about window tints, you might wonder about their durability and how long do they last? […]

How Often Should You Change Your Car Window Tints?

Car Window Tinting

As seasons change, we often want to upgrade the look and feel of our home, wardrobe and skin care products, food, and lifestyle & including our cars as well. When we say cars, you don’t have to splurge your dollars to upgrade their look, car window tinting in Melbourne can do all the magic you […]

Does Car Window Tinting On A New Car Worth It?

Car Window Tinting

A car without a window tint may seem like a real thorn on its surface. Firstly, it damages the glass windows’ look, ruins your expensive leather upholstery, lets the UV rays pass through, and harms your skin; keeping your car cabin like a hot oven.  If you have just bought a car and can’t wait […]

How To Spot Badly Done Car Window Tint Job?

Car Window Tinting

How good is car window tint? Well, it will be more obvious with the subtle and sleek look of your car. Once you have installed a car window tint from a professional, you have taken your first step in protecting the car’s appeal. It does not help block UV rays, but also protects the car […]